Oliver, James Bowes “Jim”

Regimental Number: 3206316
Rank: Sapper
Branch: Canadian Engineers

Jim was born in Listowel, Ontario February 15, 1888. He came to the Peace River country by car in March 1914 with three friends; Jim filed on land at the following locations: 26-74-4-W6; 4-71-11-W6; 31-71-10-W6; 30-70-6-W6. In 1915, Jim started a furniture store and funeral home. In 1918 he was drafted into the Canadian Army. Although the village council petitioned the military to release him from the service to bury the many who were dying of the influenza back home, Jim did not return to Grande Prairie until June of 1919. On March 26, Jim married Ann Partlow; they had four daughters. Jim died on October 21, 1967 and was buried in the Grande Prairie cemetery.

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