North, Roger Lesley

Regimental Number: 100089
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 49th Battalion

Roger was born in London, England on May 20, 1894. It is unknown when he first came to Canada, but he enlisted in the Canadian Army in Edmonton in June of 1915. Roger suffered from shrapnel wounds to his right arm in June 1916 at Ypres; because of this injury and other health concerns, he did not return to active duty. Roger was granted furlough to Canada on February 27, 1918 for “business reasons.” In 1918, Roger filed on the eastern half of 22-73-10-W6 and NE 25-73-10-W6; he later canceled all three homesteads. Roger married Ruby Lanctot on May 4, 1927.

Sources: May 9, 1927 p. 1 c. 3