Norley, George Leslie

Regimental Number: 101344
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

George was born in Petersfield, Hampshire, England on August 23, 1892. He first filed on a homestead in the South Peace in 1912 and eventually owned three quarters at NW 35-70-7-W6, NE 21-71-7-W6, SW 18-70-7-W6. George was in the No. 1 Australian General Hospital in September of 1916. He was discharged in July of 1918 because of ‘disordered action of heart,’ being nervous and easily excited, and having slight tremors in his hands. According to a January 1919 newspaper, he expected to sell out shortly.

Sources: Pioneers of the Peace p. 221; Along the Wapiti pg. 411