Nicholson, Charles Henry

Regimental Number: 101366
Rank: Private
Branch: 8th Battalion

Charles was born in Cumberland, England on April 10, 1872 (though it is possible that he lied about his age on his attestation paper and was in fact born in 1865). He studied to be a veterinarian in Edinburgh. In 1909, Charles came to the South Peace and filed on homesteads at: S 1/2 5-73-7-W6; SE 6-72-7-W6; N 1/2 32-72-7-W6; 6-72-8-W6. In September of 1915, he enlisted in the Canadian Army at Lake Saskatoon. On September 26, 1916, Charles was killed in action in an attack northwest of Courcelette. His body was not recovered for burial.

Sources: Lake Saskatoon Reflections p. 190