Newton, Thomas Marshall

Regimental Number: 12739
Rank: Private
Branch: 5th Battalion

Thomas was born in Melling, Lancashire, England on August 13, 1885. It is unknown when he came to Canada, but he enlisted in the Canadian Army at Valcartier in September of 1914. His brother Henry also served in the Canadian Army. On June 6, 1916, Thomas received shrapnel wounds to his knee, right arm, left hand, and face at Hill 60. Part of one of his fingers was amputated (it is unclear in his medical notes whether this was a surgical procedure or he lost his finger in battle). Thomas was discharged on November 30, 1917. In 1918, he filed on the western half of 15-71-5-W6. Thomas married Margaret Lily Spalding. In the 1940s they moved to Victoria, where Margaret died in 1955. He later married Ida May Campbell. Thomas died in Victoria on October 31, 1969.

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