Murray, John Henry Sr.

Regimental Number: 86805
Rank: Gunner
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

John was born in Ightham, Kent, England on June 5, 1897. He was farming in Saskatchewan when he enlisted in June of 1915. In January of 1917, John was wounded by a shell exploding. He suffered from shell shock and had difficulty speaking; he was easily startled and irritated after this injury. John was in hospital for nearly a year. Because of his injuries, John was discharged in April of 1918. On December 25, 1919, John married Agnes Mabel Eveline Kilgour. In 1929, the Murrays came to the South Peace and filed on the north half of 21-70-7-W6; John later canceled this homestead and instead filed on SW 27-70-7-W6. They had four daughters and a son. During World War II, John once again served in the Canadian Army. He died on January 31, 1978.

Sources: surname file; Along the Wapiti pg. 250, 411