Murray, James Duncan

Regimental Number: 718477
Rank: Private
Branch: 44th Battalion

James was born in Cavalier, North Dakota on July 30, 1895. He was farming in Saskatchewan when he enlisted in the Canadian Army in February of 1916; his brother Mack also served in the Canadian Army. In February of 1917, James received severe gunshot wounds to his left leg. In December of 1917, he forfeited two days pay for losing his balaclava. James received gunshot wounds to his right eye on August 8, 1918 at Amiens. This injury left him blind in his right eye; he was invalided to Canada in November of 1918 and discharged in February 8, 1919. Later that year, James came to the South Peace to visit his sister. He filed on the northern half of 36-72-11-W6. On August 6, 1948, James married widow Wilhelmina Sexton. He died on September 9, 1980 and was buried in Hythe.

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