Morken, Axel Kornelius

Regimental Number: 13017
Rank: Driver
Branch: 5th Battalion; Canadian Army Service Corps

Axel was born in Norway on July 25, 1882. He came to Pekin, North Dakota with his parents at the age of four in 1996. After completing his training as a steam engineer, Axel moved to Saskatchewan and worked with a steam threshing outfit. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in September of 1914. In May of 1915, he received a gunshot wound to his left hand. In February of 1919, Axel married Anne Leslie in Scotland. Later that year they emigrated to Clairmont, where his sister Jennie (married to Tom Sheehan) was living. Axel and Annie settled on NW16-72-5-W6; they had three children. Axel died in Grande Prairie on March 19, 1961.

Sources: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 299