Moravec, Frank Rudolph

Regimental Number: 436206
Rank: Private
Branch: 51st Battalion; 46th Battalion

Frank was born in Fairfax, Minnesota on June 14, 1894. He filed on his first homestead in the South Peace (SW 25-77-6-W6) in 1914. In January of 1915, he enlisted in the Canadian army. Frank received gunshot wounds to his right eye and right leg at the Somme in November of 1916 and was dangerously ill for some time. In November of 1917 he was discharged, having been found medically unfit. In 1919, Frank filed on a homestead at SW 19-77-5-W6; he abandoned this as there was “too much bush.” Finally he settled on 26-77-5-W6. In May of 1925, Frank married Gladys Rappel; the couple had four children. Frank died on June 15, 1977.

Sources: Memories and Moments 122-123, 278