Moore, Robert Drysdale “Dinty”

Regimental Number: 255251
Rank: 46th Battalion
Branch: Lance Corporal

Robert was born in Renfrew, Ontario on October 24, 1891. He was farming in Saskatchewan when he enlisted in the Canadian Army in March of 1916. In September of 1918, Robert received gunshot wounds to his right shoulder. He was awarded the Military Medal in October of 1918. On December 23, 1918, he attempted to break out of his camp. Robert came to the South Peace in 1924 with his wife Agnes, their twin daughters, Margaret and Dorothy, and their goat Nanny, who was the mascot for a local hockey team. He filed on NW 16-70-9-W6 and the eastern half of 31-76-13-W6, though he later canceled each of these homesteads. Robert worked on the railroad and also worked with horses. The Moores moved Gundy, BC in July of 1930. Robert died on April 19, 1960 and was buried in Dawson Creek.

Sources: Along the Wapiti p. 376