McNaught, John

Regimental Number: 910229
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles

John was born in Brant County, Ontario on January 13, 1889. He studied education at the University of Toronto. In July of 1916, John joined the Canadian Army. He served in France and Belgium and was gassed in 1918. After the war, John settled in the Beaverlodge area (36-70-11-W6; 19-71-10-W6; 28-70-11-W6), joining his parents and sisters who had come prior to the war. John taught at Lake Saskatoon and Beaverlodge High School, but only for a short time. Due to the effects of the gas, outside work proved to be better for his health. In 1959, John married Noel Cameron from New Zealand. John died in March of 1970.

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