McIntosh, Alexander (Alec)

Regimental Number: 2684250
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Tank Corps

Alec was born in Lancaster, Ontario on September 4, 1889. He came to the South Peace with his cousin Ewen MacDonell and filed on a homestead at 25-70-12-W6. In May of 1918, Alec enlisted in the Canadian army. As the war was nearly over by this time, he served only in England and did not see active duty in the trenches in France. In 1919, Alec and Ewen came to the Rio Grande area and set up a store. Alec married Viola Bell Ramsay on December 5, 1922. They moved to Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba.

Source: Pioneers of the Peace p. 323; Beaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement p. 271