McDonald, Reverend Joseph William

Rank: Honorary Captain; Chaplain
Branch: Canadian Chaplain Services

Joseph was born in Carlow, Ireland on May 22, 1887. He came to Canada in 1909, and to Grande Prairie in July of 1914 as the Anglican minister. In October of 1915, Joseph enlisted as a chaplain in the Canadian army. Joseph married Amy Dixon in Toronto on April 6, 1916. He served in Salonika (1916-1917, No. 5 Canadian General Hospital) and England (No. 4 Canadian General Hospital). In 1918 Joseph suffered from pleurisy and tuberculosis and was in hospital in England in August. He was recommended for immediate evacuation to Canada because of the tuberculosis and sent home in October of 1918. After the war he ministered in Ontario, though he and his wife returned to visit Grande Prairie in 1940.

Source: Beaverlodge to the Rockies p. 100