McCullough, Gordon Clifford

Regimental Number: 904757
Rank: Private
Branch: 194th Battalion; Canadian Forestry Corps

Gordon was born in Brighton, Ontario on August 27, 1894. He was living in Lake Saskatoon (homesteads located at 28-74-9-W6 and 20-74-9-W6) at the time of his enlistment in March of 1916. In March of 1918, Gordon was granted permission to marry Agness Gertrude. His service file states in September 1918 that he suffered from dementia, probably due to shell shock, and he was invalided to Canada in November of 1918. Gordon’s service file states that he died November 2, 1924, though an estate notice in the newspaper gives 1925 as the year of his death. According to his biography in Pioneer Round Up, Gordon’s death was as a result of being gassed during the war.

Sources: Pioneer Round Up p. 622