MacKenzie, Cecile Leonore (McKibben)

Rank: Nursing Sister
Branch: Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Sister Reserve; Canadian Army Medical Corps

Cecile was born in Glanford, Ontario on August 2, 1883. She enlisted in March of 1918 and served in the following hospitals:

-Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Sister Reserve in the No. 13 and 14 General Hospitals (France, prior to enlisting in the Canadian army)
-No. 15 Canadian General Hospital (Clivedon, England)
-No. 10 Canadian General Hospital (Brighton, England)

Cecile’s British records state that she was “a good surgical nurse, but slow. Very reliable and conscientious. And most kind to the patients.” She was in France from March 1917 – March 1918.

On November 11, 1919, Cecile married George MacKenzie. They had met at a military hospital in England while George was convalescing. The couple had two children. George enlisted in the Air Force in 1941; Cecile joined him in Ontario where he was stationed. Son Hugh and daughter Virginia both joined the Air Force as well; Hugh was killed in action in 1944. George and Cecile returned to the South Peace after the war, where she filed on SW 24-77-6-W6. Cecile died on January 9, 1954 and was buried in the White Mountain Cemetery.

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