Lock, Henry

Regimental Number: 279584
Rank: Sapper
Branch: 8th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops

Henry was born in Thursley, England on March 4, 1870. He served in the British militia, and for a time was a sentry at Buckingham Palace. In 1892, Henry came to Ontario and worked as an estate gardener. He married Annie Rowe of Hamilton, Ontario. They moved to Portland, New York where Henry worked as a cemetery caretaker. In 1913, Henry, Annie, and their three children moved to Alberta. Henry enlisted in the Canadian Army in May of 1916. As he was 46 years old at the time, he lied about his age and wrote 1874 as the year of his birth. In August of 1917, Henry suffered from a mild ankle sprain. He was invalided to Canada in November of 1917, due to flat feet, myalgia, and being overage. Henry was discharged on April 30, 1918. He came west and filed on homesteads at NE 30-70-9-W6 and NW 1-71-10-W6. Henry died in the Veterans’ Hospital in Edmonton on May 22, 1950.

Sources: Beaverlodge to the Rockies p. 557