Lewis, Harold Durrant

Regimental Number: 466962
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Canadian Pioneer Battalion

Harold was born in London, England on August 4, 1886. In 1910, he came to the South Peace and filed on homesteads at NE 33-72-7-W6 and NW 20-78-20-W5. On July 26, 1915, Harold enlisted in the Canadian Army. On September 20, 1916 at the Somme, Harold suffered from gunshot wounds to his right thigh. As a result, he lost the function of his right foot and had to wear a shoe with special braces. Harold spent some time in hospital in Leeds recovering from his injury. In February of 1918, he married Julia in Leeds. Harold was invalided to Canada in May of 1918 and discharged on July 20, 1918. Harold died in Vancouver on February 5, 1978 or March 17, 1978.