Lee, Ingval “Bill”

Regimental Number: 830127
Rank: Private
Branch: 8th Battalion

Bill was born on March 19, 1895 in Hendrum, Minnesota. In 1913, he came over the Edson Trail and filed on a homestead in Sexsmith (he owned land at 26-73-5-W6; 16-74-14-W6; 31-76-4-W6; 36-76-4-W6). He enlisted in the Canadian army in December of 1915. In July of 1917, Bill was dangerously wounded, receiving gunshot wounds to his right leg and chest; two months later he was removed from the “seriously ill” list and in January of 1918 he embarked for Canada. Bill was discharged on March 22, 1918, having been deemed medically unfit due to his wounds. His wife, Aliette (date of marriage unknown), joined him in 1935. The couple had five children.

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