Keebler, Dewey Allen

Regimental Number: 308733
Rank: Corporal
Branch: 8th Army Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery

Dewey was born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, on June 19, 1897. He enlisted in the Canadian army in February of 1916. In December of that year, according to his service file, Dewey “proceeded on command to 2nd course of Instruction in Visual Signalling.” He received a shrapnel wound to his right arm in November of 1917. After the war, Dewey settled on the S ½ 22-80-8-W6. He joined up again during World War II, and brought home a wife from England when it was over. However, his wife did not like Canada and the moved to Vancouver where the climate would be familiar. She was still unhappy and they eventually moved to England, where Dewey died a few years later.

Sources: The Big Bend, p. 70