Johnsen, Einar Henry

Regimental Number: 18362
Rank: Acting Sergeant
Branch: 9th Battalion; Canadian Machine Gun Corps

Einar was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 31, 1893. In 1913, he filed on SE 6-79-14-W6. Einar enlisted at Valcartier on September 18, 1914. In April of 1915, his right ulna and radius were fractured by the back fire of a motor car. His right eye was injured while on duty on March 11, 1916. Einar suffered from a bayonet wound to his neck in March of 1918. In October of 1918, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Einar refused hospital treatment in March of 1919 because he wanted to return to his farm as soon as possible; he was discharged on March 10, 1919. Einar and his wife Doris eventually moved to Roskilde, Denmark, where Einar died on November 20, 1961.

Sources: Homesteaders’ Heritage p. 242