Innes, Alexander

Regimental Number: 101469
Rank: Private
Branch: 66th Battalion; 31st Battalion; Canadian Army Medical Corps

Alexander was born in Glasgow, Scotland on March 7, 1888. He was a commercial traveler throughout the British Isles until 1912, when his brother William persuaded him to come to the Peace country. Alexander arrived in Spirit River in April of 1913 and filed on a homestead at SE 21-78-6-W6. He enlisted in the Canadian army in September of 1915. In September of 1916, Alexander received gunshot wounds to his right arm and left wrist at Courcelette; he spent six months, possibly more, in the hospital. In October of 1923, Alexander married Marie McNally, who had served as a nurse in the war, in Edmonton. In addition to farming, he served as secretary-treasurer of his municipality for many years. Alexander died on July 20, 1951. His widow, Marie, lived in Spirit River.

Source: Pioneers of the Peace p. 176-177; Chepi Sepe p. 520