Imerslund, Kristian

Regimental Number: 294099
Rank: Private
Branch: 27th Battalion

Kristian was born in Lillehammer, Norway on January 21, 1891. In 1910, he suffered from an injury that left him with defective vision and a scar on his left eye. Kristian filed on a homestead at SE 12-74-8-W6 in 1915. In March of 1916, he enlisted in the Canadian Army. His brother Hjalmer Emerslund served in the Canadian Army as well. Kristian suffered from shrapnel wounds to his left hand in November of 1917, and gunshot wounds to his right shoulder and chest in February of 1918. A present address card dated 1922 states that Kristian was living in Ryley, Alberta. Kristian died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head on May 22, 1929, leaving behind his wife Mabel.