Hurlock, Victor Rex

Regimental Number: 670126
Rank: Sapper
Branch: 166th Battalion; 10th Battalion, Canadian Engineers

Victor was born in London, England on April 26, 1897. He came to Canada in 1914 and was living near London, Ontario when he enlisted in May of 1916. After being discharged, Victor returned to Canada. He overheard a soldier in front of him stating Edmonton as his destination, and so Victor too answered Edmonton when his turn came. He settled in the Bad Heart area in summer of 1919 (3-75-2-W6 and 4-75-2-W6). His friend Percy Trendall came to the Peace country with him and homesteaded nearby; the had gone to school together in England, and had enlisted and been discharged on the same day. In 1939, Victor married Jennie Smichura. They had three children. Victor died on May 7, 1970.

Sources: Wagon Trails Grown Over, p. 44, 1147