Holden, Angus

Regimental Number: 853729
Rank: Private
Branch: 2nd Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles

Angus was born in Nottawasaga, Ontario on January 31, 1889. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in November of 1916. In January of 1918, Angus fractured his left ankle while jumping over a ditch. He received shrapnel wounds to his face on November 9, 1918, two days before Armistice. View xrays on pages 59, 61, 63, and 65 of his service file. After the war, Angus went west to Saskatchewan, where he met Estella Clara Carter, a schoolteacher from Nova Scotia. They were married on March 8, 1923. Angus, Estella, and their three children moved to the South Peace in 1930; Angus filed on NW 28-80-12-W6. In 1933, they moved to Estella’s hometown in Nova Scotia. Angus died in Nova Scotia on May 14, 1972.

Sources: Homesteaders’ Heritage p. 232-234