Hoggarth, Rowland

Regimental Number: 104310
Rank: Private
Branch: 28th Battalion; 3rd Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column

Rowland was born in Poplar Grove, Saskatchewan on June 29, 1895. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in August of 1915. Rowland received shrapnel wounds to his left foot and ankle in April of 1917. At the time of his enlistment, Rowland was single, but when he filed on the northern half of 19-80-7-W6 in 1919, he was married to Winnifred. They later divorced, and when Rowland filed on NW 21-80-7-W6 in 1929, he stated that he was unmarried. Rowland died in 1982 and was buried in Port Coquitlam Municipal Cemetery.

Source: Chepi Sepe p. 469