Hodgins, Samuel Edward “Dean”

Regimental Number: 101240
Rank: Private
Branch: 66th Battalion; 8th Battalion

Dean Hodgins was born in Port Rowan, Ontario on February 15, 1888. At the time of his enlistment in September of 1915, he was living in Grande Prairie (his homesteads were located at 36-71-7-W6 and 31-71-6-W6). A letter from the front written by Private Keith in July of 1916 suggested that Dean had had “cold feet,” though articles were published soon afterward to give the true story (see the attached news clippings). Shortly afterward, in September of 1916, Dean went missing in action, though this was not reported until March of 1917. It was later discovered that Dean had been killed during an attack on enemy trenches near Courcelette on September 26, 1916, just three months after arriving in France.