Hills, Percy

Regimental Number: 805276
Rank: Private
Branch: 21st Battalion

Percy was born in London, England on October 12, 1894. In 1914, he filed on a homestead at SE 33-78-14-W6, though he later canceled and moved to Ontario. Percy and his wife Ida Jessie Merle were living in Hampton, Ontario at the time of his enlistment in January of 1916. In December of 1916, Percy was dangerously ill with diphtheria. He recovered and returned to the trenches. On August 28, 1918 at Cambrai, Percy received machine gun bullet wounds to his left thigh. Percy died on May 9, 1968.

dangerously ill diphtheria Dec 1916
GSW (machine gun bullet) lt thigh Aug 28 1918 at Cambrai
died May 9 1968