Higbee, John Carveth

Regimental Number: 342412
Rank: Gunner
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

John was born in Galt, Ontario on May 5, 1898. He and his parents came to the South Peace in 1912; his mother was Dr. Annie Higbee. In 1916, John filed on SE 6-73-4-W6, though he listed his address as Toronto when he enlisted in the Canadian Army in March of 1918. John suffered from influenza in October of 1918, and was discharged on December 23, 1918. John was married to Helen. John died on October 4, 1975 and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Burlington, Ontario.

Sources: surname file; Pioneers of the Peace p. 136, 138, 238; April 2 1918 p. 1 c. 4