Head, Henry Jack

Regimental Number: 436764
Rank: Private
Branch: 7th Battalion

Henry was born in Cranborne, Dorset, England on November 16, 1893. He enlisted in Edmonton in February of 1915. In September of 1916, Henry fell into shell hole in France and was run over by a cart; he was not injured too seriously, having sunk down into the mud, but was still sent back to England for a short time. On August 15, 1917, at Hill 70 in France, Henry received a gunshot wound and compound fracture to his left hip and thigh. It took many operations to remove all the bone fragments and and he spent the remainder of the war in hospitals. Henry lost proper function of his hip, and his left leg was 1.25 inches shorter than the right. He was invalided to Canada in September of 1918. Henry came to Teepee Creek in 1919 and filed on a homestead at 13-74-4-W6. He sold out and moved to Galiano Island in British Columbia with his wife, Marguerite Elizabeth Campbell, and died in Kelowna on July 29, 1968.

Sources: Wagon Trails Grown Over p. 283, 1147