Harvey, George

Regimental Number: 432666
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion

George was born in Hudson’s Hope, BC on July 7, 1889. He had a homestead at 20-80-4-W6, near that of his brother Roland, who was also a veteran of the war. George enlisted in the Canadian army in January of 1915. He suffered from many ailments during the war – trench fever in May of 1916, gunshot wounds to his left leg and left eye in October of 1916, and rheumatic fever in July of 1917 at the Somme. George’s left eye had to be removed, and he also suffered from defective vision in his right eye. In November of 1917 he was invalided to Canada, and while staying in a convalescent home in Calgary, George was diagnosed with “arrested tuberculosis.” He was discharged from the army in March of 1918. George died on September 19, 1954 in Enilda, Alberta.