Harper, Reginald Arthur

Regimental Number: 148297
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 78th Battalion

Reginald was born in Chesterfield, England on December 6, 1895. It is unknown when he first came to Canada, but he and his mother were living in Winnipeg at the time of his enlistment in June of 1915. In October of 1916, Reginald suffered from severe gunshot wounds to his legs and arms. He returned to France for a while, but his knee troubled him as a result of his injuries (view p. 87 of his military service file for xrays). In January of 1918, Reginald suffered from a contusion of his eyeball after being struck in bayonet practice. He came to the South Peace in 1926 and filed on NE 16-71-11-W6.