Halliday, Christopher Thomas

Regimental Number: 925350
Rank: Sergeant; Flight Cadet
Branch: 46th Battalion; Royal Air Force

Christopher was born in Gainsborough, Saskatchewan on March 17, 1889. He enlisted in the Canadian Army in February of 1916. In May of 1917, Christopher suffered from gunshot wounds to his left arm. On August 21 of the same year, he received shrapnel wounds to his head and left thigh at Lens (Hill 70). Christopher was awarded the Military Medal in April of 1918. On August 30, 1918, he was discharged from the army, having been appointed Flight Cadet in the Royal Air Force. Christopher came to the South Peace in 1930 and filed on the western half of 33-76-13-W6. Sometime between then and 1958, he married Margaret Elsie Brown. Christopher also served in the Second World War. He died in 1964 and was buried in Victory Memorial Park in Surrey, British Columbia.