Gregson, Henry

Regimental Number: 79835
Rank: Corporal
Branch: 31st Battalion

Henry was born in Lytham, Lancashire, England on August 28, 1889 (1890 according to his British military records). He served in the Royal Navy from January to October of 1908. It is unknown when he first came to Canada, but Henry enlisted in the Canadian Army in Edmonton in November of 1914. He suffered from gunshot wounds to his ankle in November of 1917. Henry became a qualified instructor in Lewis automatic machine guns (Grade 2) at the School of Musketry. In December of 1919, he was granted permission to marry. He went absent without leave around the same time. In November or December of 1919, Henry was fined by civilian police for being drunk and fighting with other soldiers. He filed on the northern half of 14-72-2-W6 in 1920, but later canceled both quarters. A present address card dated 1922 states that Henry was living in Grande Prairie at that time.