Giroux, Oliva

Regimental Number: 3213098
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment; 21st Reserve Battalion

Oliva was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on April 15, 1898. He came to the South Peace with his parents at the age of 14. In 1916 Oliva was drafted into the Canadian army. He married Eva Roy on April 25, 1922. The couple lived in the Donnelly area (36-77-21-W5 and 12-77-21-W5). Oliva once again joined the army in World War II and served for six years. When he returned, Oliva and Eva moved to Grande Prairie. Oliva died on September 7, 1960.

Sources: By the Peavine in the Smoky of the Peace, p. 318