Gilmour, Cephas David

Regimental Number: 18815
Rank: Private
Branch: 9th Battalion; Canadian Cyclist Corps; Canadian Machine Gun Corps

Cephas was born in London, Ontario on March 31, 1893. In 1912, he and his father came up to the Belloy area to homestead. Cephas enlisted in the Canadian Army at Valcartier on September 22, 1914. On March 17, 1917, Cephas married Irene, an English woman who was employed at a munitions factory. In 1919, they came to the South Peace. Cephas filed on the southern half of 10-78-2-W6, but his work with the railroad meant the family moved a great deal and he did not prove up on either quarter. Cephas died in June of 1982.

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