Funnell, Herbert

Regimental Number: 101228
Rank: Private
Branch: 49th Battalion; Canadian Army Service Corps; Canadian Army Medical Corps

Herbert was born in Epsom, England on March 12, 1889. He came to the Peace Country in 1912 with his brothers Thomas and Arthur, and filed on homesteads at 13-69-11-W6 and 12-71-11-W6. Herbert enlisted in the Canadian army in September of 1915. He went missing between September 15 and October 4 of 1916, and rejoined his unit on October 15. On June 9, 1917 Herbert sprained his ankle, received shrapnel wounds to his face, and possible suffered from a concussion as well. He attended the School of Cookery in June 1917. Herbert was discharged in February of 1919, having been deemed medically unfit due to varicose veins. He died on February 9, 1954. He and his wife Kitty were living in England at the time of his death.

Sources: Pioneers of the Peace p. 233-235, 318