Francis, Walter John

Regimental Number: 811852
Rank: Bombardier
Branch: 138th Battalion; 128th Battalion; 58th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery

Walter was born in Bath, England on August 10, 1894. He came to the Peace River country in November of 1914 with his brother Sydney and filed on homesteads at SW1/4-33-77-2-W6 and NW1/4-28-77-2-W6. Walter enlisted in the Canadian army in January of 1916; once again, he and Sydney went together. In January of 1918 he accidentally injured (perforated) his left foot. Walter was discharged on April 5, 1919. In 1925, he married Susan Smith, an Irishwoman who taught at various Peace Country schools. Walter and Susan had three children. In the winter of 1944/1945 Walter suffered from pneumonia, and so he and his wife moved to a milder climate in British Columbia in fall of 1945. Walter died on April 27, 1988 (uncertain; see page 27 of service file).

Sources: Grooming the Grizzly p. 313-314