Fortier, Alphonse Louis

Regimental Number: 898523
Rank: Acting Corporal
Branch: 2nd Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops

Alphonse was born in Flinton, Ontario on June 20, 1877. He and his wife Elizabeth were living in British Columbia when he enlisted in the Canadian Army in August of 1916. Alphonse was gassed in July of 1917, and in December of 1917 was invalided to Canada due to a heart condition caused by rheumatic fever in 1915. He was discharged on February 8, 1918. In 1919, Alphonse filed on NE 32-77-2-W6 and SE 5-78-2-W6. He moved to Ontario in 1936 and lived there for four years before moving to British Columbia. Alphonse died at the Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver on August 27, 1946.

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