Fleming, Clarence Cummings

Regimental Number: 696412
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 175th Battalion; 21st Reserve Battalion

Clarence was born in Folly Village, Nova Scotia on June 21, 1884. He came to the Grande Prairie area over the Edson Trail in 1912 and filed on a homestead in the Hermit Lake district (4-72-7-W6). After proving up his homestead, Clarence went to visit his family in Medicine Hat and there enlisted in the Canadian army. He came down with pneumonia on the journey to England in October of 1916, was in hospital until February of 1917. After the war, Clarence went into a partnership with C.R. Bell and bought Robertson Hardware. He married Gladys Thomson in 1923; the couple had one daughter, Phyllis. Clarence died on May 12, 1948.

*Clarence is seated at the right