Filmer, George Bertram

Regimental Number: 53190
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 18th Battalion

George was born in Cheshire, England on January 6, 1884. It is unknown when he first came to Canada, but he enlisted in the Canadian Army in November of 1914. A note in his military service file dated July 1918 indicates that George suffered from hysteria and paranoia and was “full of grandiose schemes.” He appears to have been very interested in scientific experiments and claimed to be able to make artificial rubies. Pages 91 and 93 of his service file have a typed, condensed version of George’s history. He married Florence Eveleigh Relleen on August 16, 1917. In October of 1918, George was invalided to Canada. He and his wife filed on SE 17-79-5-W6 in 1919. George died on July 15, 1953 in Toronto.