Etherington, James Henry

Regimental Number: 663089
Rank: Private
Branch: 164th Battalion

James was born Millbridge, Yorkshire, England on May 29, 1876. He was living in Milton, Ontario at the time of his enlistment in December of 1915. He and his wife, Sybil Gertrude, had a daughter Sybil Mario, who was 10 in February of 1917. James served in England until being sent back to Canada in March of 1918. He was discharged on May 21, 1918, having been found physically unfit, at least partially due to bronchitis. In August of 1918, the family came to the South Peace where James filed on SE 30-78-20-W5 and NE 19-78-26-W5. James died in Vancouver on August 14, 1968.