Eide, Lauritz

Regimental Number: 811368
Rank: Sergeant
Branch: 50th Battalion; Canadian Syren Party

Lauritz was born in Norway on May 29, 1891. In 1915, he filed on a homestead at SE 19-74-7-W6. Lauritz enlisted in the Canadian Army in December of 1915. In August of 1917, he received gunshot wounds to his chest. In February of 1918, while serving in North Russia, Lauritz suffered from frostbite on both feet. The toes on his right foot were amputated, and his left leg was amputated below the knee. Lauritz was invalided to Canada in July of 1919, and discharged on September 18, 1920. He left the area shortly after proving up on his land. Lauritz died on January 6, 1958.

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