Eastman, Nathan

Regimental Number: 301805 (two service files – one is under the alias George Davis)
Rank: Gunner
Branch: Canadian Field Artillery

Nathan was born on March 27, 1894 in Calgary, Alberta. In 1916 he filed on a homestead at SW 32-71-10-W6. Nathan enlisted in the Canadian army in October 1916 under the name George Davis; the reason for his deception is unknown. In August 1917, he gave the army his real name. Months earlier, in February of 1917, Nathan had changed his will to leave everything to a Mrs. May Thomas, the widow of Harold Thomas. His brothers George and James also served in World War I. In January of 1918, Nathan married an Englishwoman named Jill. Nathan received gunshot wounds to his right hand in September of 1918.

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