Dupuy, George

Regimental Number: 279115; 875
Rank: Private
Branch: Canadian Engineers; 6th Battalion, French Infantry

George was born in Marennes, France on September 6, 1883. He and his wife Emma (Thomas) and their four children immigrated to Canada in 1913; their destination was St. Albert, Alberta. Two more children were born after the family arrived in Canada. George enlisted in the Canadian army in February of 1916 (he had previously served with the French Infantry). According to his medical records, he required surgery for his varicose veins. George was discharged on July 30, 1918 to reenlist in the French Army (6th Battalion Infantry, #875). He returned to St. Albert after the end of the war, and in 1920 the family moved to file on a homestead in Bezanson (3-73-3-W6). George died in 1970.

Sources: Smoky River to Grande Prairie p. 328