Dupont, Omer

Regimental Number: 2813
Rank: Private
Branch: 224th Battalion, Canadian Forestry Corps

Omer was born in St. Antonius (?), Quebec on March 30, 1861. When the war began, he was living in Manitoba, a widower with four sons and a daughter (his wife had died on March 15, 1910). Omer enlisted in the Canadian army in September of 1915, though he lied about his age, stating that he was born in 1871. His sons Wilbrod and Lawrence joined up as well. Omer only served in England, as the cold damp tents at the front did not agree with him, and was discharged on April 1, 1918 for being medically unfit – he suffered from myalgia and rheumatism and, of course, was overage. While serving in England, Omer was remarried to an Englishwoman, Constance Caroline Edwards, on July 11, 1917. He returned to Manitoba after the war, then headed west to the Peace country with his wife and daughter. Omer filed on a homestead at 9-72-12-W6. In 1928 they returned to Manitoba. Omer died in Winnipeg on August 4, 1944.

Sources: Pioneer Round-Up p. 82