Dillon, Charles Raymond

Regimental Number: 2663631
Rank: Gunner
Branch: 78th Depot Battery

Charles “Ray” Dillon was born in Fertile, Minnesota on December 2, 1891. He came with his family to the Peace Country in 1911 and filed on homesteads at 2-71-7-W6, 4-71-7-W6, and 4-71-6-W6. Ray was drafted in April of 1918 but only got as far as Petawawa, Ontario when the Armistice was signed. He had a severe case of the flu in 1921, which limited the use of his right arm for the rest of his life. In 1944, Ray contracted the flu again and died on January 16, 1944 in the Grande Prairie hospital.

Sources: Along the Wapiti p. 83-87