Dewar, Murdo

Regimental Number: 895484
Rank: Private
Branch: 191st Battalion; 50th Battalion

Murdo was born in Inverness, Scotland on August 29, 1891. He worked on sheep ranches in Montana and Oregon with his brothers Alex and John for a time, and moved on to ranches in Argentina for about a year. He came back to Montana in 1916 and came up to join his brother John in Beaverlodge. He enlisted in the Canadian army in December of 1916. He served in France and received a gunshot wound to the scalp on September 28, 1918. After being discharged in February of 1919, Murdo returned to Beaverlodge and filed on SE 12-72-11-W6. He farmed this land until 1940, when he sold out and worked for the US Army in Dawson Creek. When he returned to Beaverlodge after the war, Murdo bought SE 7-72-10-W6 and lived there until 1958. At this point he moved to Vernon, BC for a few years. Murdo decided to return to Scotland for a time, but found that he preferred Canada after all. He died in Beaverlodge in 1966 and was buried in the Beaverlodge cemetery.

Sources: Beaverlodge to the Rockies, p. 47