Craig, William James

Regimental Number: 737063
Rank: Private
Branch: 16th Battalion

William was born in Fitzroy, Ontario on April 6, 1878. In 1913, he filed on SW 27-77-5-W6 and SW 13-78-5-W6. William was working as a railroader in Spirit River at the time of his enlistment in June of 1916. His wife Elizabeth and their three children were living in Minnesota. At Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917, William received gunshot wounds which fractured his left thigh. His leg was shortened by 3/4 of an inch as a result of this injury (see xrays on pages 71 and 73 of his service file). In September of that year, William was sent to a convalescent home in Calgary. In December of 1917, he was struck in the face, which resulted in fractures and deafness in his left ear. William was discharged on January 31, 1918. He filed on a homestead at LT 28-77-5-W6 in 1921, though he later canceled. William died after being hit by a train near Berwyn, Alberta on November 26, 1927.

Sources: Wheatfields and Wildflowers p. 169