Cowan, William Andrew

Regimental Number: 696756
Rank: Corporal
Branch: 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade

William was born in Thornhill, Manitoba on June 4, 1891. He came to the South Peace in 1911 and filed on homesteads at 16-78-20-W5 (?), 28-90-23-W5, 30-90-23-W5, and 19-90-23-W5. In May of 1916, William enlisted in the Canadian army. He suffered from pleurisy in June of 1917, was gassed in November of 1917, and had cordite poisoning (possibly from the lead in ammunition) in November of 1918. William died on March 6, 1968.

Sources: Edson to Grande Prairie Trail p. 146; Pioneers of the Peace p. 196