Coutts, Neil

Regimental Number: 3212735
Rank: Private
Branch: 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment; Canadian War Graves Detachment

Neil was born in Grey County, Ontario on August 4, 1896. He was living in Vermilion, Alberta when he was drafted in June of 1918. Following the war, Neil served with the Canadian War Graves Detachment until he was discharged on August 2, 1919. In 1927, Neil married Winifred Till, whom he had met while living in Vermilion. He filed on homesteads at NE 34-79-13-W6 and NE 1-80-12-W6 in 1930, though he later abandoned the former. Neil and Winnie moved to Dawson Creek in 1951, where they remained until their deaths. Neil died on December 20, 1975.

Sources: Homesteaders’ Heritage p. 203